Thursday, March 17, 2011

MY FYP research - African CAtfish

Assalamualaikum w.b.t semua..

The length was measured
by 30 cm ruler

Actually, what im going to share here is about my final year project research.. i was studied on 'growth performance of African catfish, Clarias gariepinus fed with enriched pellet feeds and decreasing of ammonia accumulation '.

African catfish is a introduced species in our country which is really tolerance to the unfavourable environment such as temperature, pH, salinity and dissolved oxygen (DO). Why i choose this kind of fish? ok...... as we know, the market demand for this species is quite higher and good in taste making the species becomes preferences subject by consumers.

dry pellet given to African catfish
based on diets requirement

Actually, i was differentiate the feeds given to the African catfish in order to measure the growth performance based on 3 parameters which are body weight, total length and standard length. The soybean and egg showed higher growth performance compares to commercial pellet due to higher crude protein content inside the feeds. For your information, the growth performance of fish was determined mainly by protein and lipid.In my study, the protein ranged about 41% to 48% will produce greater grow in term of three parameter stated before.

Brassica sp. with higher
concentration of ammonia.

Then, the water from cultured tanks was flown into hydroponic system planted with Green mustard, Brassica sp. in order to reduce the ammonia accumulation which toxic to the fish ( affect the pH and dissolved oxygen).yeah.... i got + result!!!!! the higher concentration of ammonia can benefit to the growth of Brassica sp. The leaves were dark green ( adequate of nitrogen content), greater leave with and lower of dry cell mass.

note*- by culturing this African catfish, instead make extra money , it can be one of our hobby...( agriculture is business)...


  1. congratulation dah hbs fyp n all da best stuffs. u did a very good job! hen hao!hihi.. keep updating yeah!;)

  2. hehehe.. thanks dear.. i will update if i have sumtink to share with.

  3. salam.. nak tya boleh? sy student aqua..skung tgah pening nak pikir tajuk untuk fyp..huhu..nak tya la kan, sy xpaham dekat decreasing accumulation of ammonia.. maknanya nak decrease dalam tank ke? knpa guna brassica sp. ? ada ke cara len nak kurangkan ammonia instead dari y kita belajar? tq kalu sudi menjawab =) ^^